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After receiving a favorable opinion from the committees in charge of sustainable development in the National Assembly and the Senate, Pierre-Marie Abadie, was appointed  Chief Executive Officer of Andra on 23 October, by a decree of the Presidence of the Republic the 21 october published in the Journal Officiel.

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Biography of Pierre-Marie Abadie

The virtual tour allows you to discover real images of the Aandra Laboratory on your screen and find out more about the research that is conducted there as part of the Cigeo project.

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Nearly 200 people from 17 different countries attended the international conference and debate on the preservation of records, knowledge and memory of radioactive waste across generations, which took place on 15-17 September 2014 in Verdun and was organised by the OECD's Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), with the support of Andra.

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Where are we?


Where are we?

1 Andra Head Office

2 Manche disposal facility 

3a Disposal facility CSA

3b Disposal facility CIRES (PDF - 348 Ko)

4 Meuse/Haute-Marne Center



Dossier 2005


The In the framework of the mission entrusted upon Andra by the 30 December 1991 waste act, the Agency presented in 2005 a report on the feasibility of a repository for high-level and long-lived radioactive waste in a deep geological formation.
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