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Marie-Claude Dupuis, Director General of Andra since 2005, will end her term at Andra in the coming weeks and will join the RATP. François-Michel Gonnot, Chairman of the Board of Andra, has proposed to the Government the candidacy of Pierre-Marie Abadie, until now Director of Energy, to succeed her.
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On Wednesday 11 June, the CNE published its assessment report no.8 on the research and studies carried out into the management of radioactive waste and material, presented on Tuesday 10 June to the Parliamentary Office for Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices (OPECST).

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On 5 June 2014, a press conference was organised by the Association of French Nuclear Industry Exporters (AIFEN, http://aifen.fr/site/) to announce the launch of the international World Nuclear Exhibition devoted to the nuclear industry, which will take place from 14 to 16 October 2014 in Bourget. Nearly 450 exhibitors, 7,000 visitors and 30 nationalities are expected to attend the first ever event, which will be held every two years.

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Andra disposal concepts


 Andra disposal concepts

                - The surface disposal concept for VLL waste

                - The surface disposal concept for LIL/SL waste

                - The deep geological disposal concept as developed by Andra



Annual report


 Annual report 2011


Télécharger le document pdf 2011 Activity report (PDF - 13.84 Mo) - Interactive version

Waste management



Where are we?


Where are we?

1 Andra Head Office

2 Manche disposal facility 

3a Disposal facility CSFMA

3b Disposal facility CSTFA 

4 Meuse/Haute-Marne Center



Dossier 2005


The In the framework of the mission entrusted upon Andra by the 30 December 1991 waste act, the Agency presented in 2005 a report on the feasibility of a repository for high-level and long-lived radioactive waste in a deep geological formation.
To download the "Dossier 2005"