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Mr Yosuke Takagi, Japan's State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, whose responsibilities include supervising NUMO, the organisation in charge of high-level waste management in Japan, arrived on a visit to the Meuse/Haute-Marne Centre (CMHM) on 21 August 2015. Accompanied by a delegation from his ministry, Mr Takagi wished to assess progress in the Cigeo project through a scientific and technical visit of laboratory facilities, and discuss the French approach to socio-political aspects of the project.

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The Cigeo preliminary definition project review, and the Ecothèque, a world-class storage of environmental samples, are the headers of this summer edition of the Andra International newsletter.

Also in this issue, read how Andra was recently honored with the visit of Mr. Amano, Director General of IAEA. And  why representatives of 12 Waste Management Organizations gathered in the East of France.

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Update Andra International Newsletter #14 

During the opening session of Waste Management Symposium, WM2015, held in Phoenix in March 2015, Mrs. Schwarz, the Director of Energy at the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, delivered a keynote address that reiterated the core values of the French waste management programme: protection of environment, national responsibility, transparency and comprehensiveness.
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The In the framework of the mission entrusted upon Andra by the 30 December 1991 waste act, the Agency presented in 2005 a report on the feasibility of a repository for high-level and long-lived radioactive waste in a deep geological formation.
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