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Research by topic : General informations

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Reference : 337JVA

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Reference : 466a

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Title : National Inventory of Radioactive Materials and Waste 2012 - The Essentials

Reference : 459

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Reference : 307B-VA

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Title : 2010 a year with Andra – Activity & sustainable developement report

Reference : 422-VA

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Title : Radium remediation: History and Present Day

Reference : AND0001168

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“The environmental impact of radium remains even today. The legacy of radio-luminescent paints, radium therapy needles, mining and processing and associated contamination has long been pursued in France, Belgium, Canada, the USA and other countries. The management of these tasks provides a rich and fascinating history as well as successes and lessons learned in environmental remediation.“
This Compendium provides an immediate resource to those who wish to investigate these subjects further and a means of adding to the resource.

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Title : Andra: The french national radioactive waste management agency

Reference : 378va

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Title : Radioactive materials and waste - Planning Act of 28 June 2006

Reference : 305CVA

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Articles of the Planning Act N°. 2006-739 of 28 June 2006 Concerning the Sustainable Management of Radioactive Materials and Waste modifying the Environmental Code.

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Reference : 308VA

Description : What is the role of the low - and intermediate – level short-lived radioactive waste disposal facility (CSFMA), located in the Aube district, within radioactive waste management? The CSFMA replaces the CSM waste disposal facility (Manche district). How does the CSFMA take stock of the lessons learnt with 25 years of operation of the first waste disposal facility, today in its post-closure monitoring phase? ;How is radioactive waste managed from the production site up to final disposal in a concrete structure? You will find such information in this movie, wich provides a description of waste management and explains how waste monitoring is performed at each phase.

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Title : Managing Radioactive Waste from Small Generators

Reference : 209VA

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Andra accounts for more than 1,000 customers in hospitals, research establishments and industries.
Those customers are known as "small generators", because they only produce small quantities of waste. However, managing such waste requires specific adapted systems, the principles of which are explained in this brochure.

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