Documents relating to the VLL Waste Disposal Facility

The prospect of dismantling industrial nuclear facilities, as scheduled in the early 2000s, led the government and the Parliamentary Office for the Selection of Scientific and Technological Options (Office parlementaire d'évaluation des choix scientifiques et technologiques – OPECST) to require the nuclear industry and Andra to study a specific management system for very-low-level waste.


Supported by public opinion and environmental associations, the approach led Andra to create a new facility dedicated to the disposal of very-low-level radioactive waste, as authorised by Order No. 02-3138A of the Prefect of the Aube district, issued on 9 August 2002.


The new facility constitutes a classified facility for the protection of the environment due to the overall low activity of the waste it is authorised to accommodate for disposal purposes until the end of its operational lifetime of 30 years.


The VLL Waste Disposal Facility covers an area of 45 ha located in the commune of Morvilliers (Aube Department) and started operations in August 2003.


Documents (in French only):

Prefect Order No. 03-2176A of the Aube district of 26 June 2003 authorising Andra to operate the VL Waste Disposal Facility;

Complementary Prefect Order No. 05-2103 of the Aube district of 10 June 2005.



VLL Waste Disposal Facility 

VLL Waste Disposal Facility 

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