Texts describing Andra's missions

The missions of the National radioactive waste management Agency (Andra) are defined in article L.542-12 of the Environment Code.


In particular, Andra is responsible for:

  • Producing and publishing the inventory and the locations of radioactive materials and waste in France,
  • Steering research and studies on storage and deep geological disposal
  • Designing, installing and managing storage facilities or disposal facilities for radioactive waste taking account of long term prospects for production and management of this waste and to carry out all the studies necessary for this purpose;
  • Radioactive waste management and remediation of orphan radioactively polluted sites,
  • Providing the public with information about the management of radioactive waste.



See the texts:

Environment code, article L.542-12

Planning Act No. 2006-739 June 28 2006 related to sustainable management of radioactive materials and waste




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