Radioactive Materials and Waste National Inventory and Management Plan

Since the 1991 Act on the management of radioactive waste was passed, Andra has been responsible for inventorying radioactive materials and waste throughout France. Until 2002, Andra published an annual “observatory” of waste, which was replaced in 2004 by the first National Inventory of Radioactive Materials and Waste. This inventory is updated annually by Andra and published every three years. It is above all an information and transparency document used as the basis for the National Radioactive Materials and Waste Management Plan (PNGMDR). The issue of considering not only waste, but also radioactive materials is essential to assess the amount of committed waste.

Moreover, the inventory describes the quantities of present but also future materials and waste, based on existing and forecast activities according to the remaining operating lifetime of current nuclear facilities, in order to plan current and future waste management solutions to be included in the PNGMDR.



The National Inventory is built around declarations from producers and those in possession of radioactive materials and waste. A strict methodology and rigorous procedures for checking the data underpin the production of the inventory. Andra has developed an IT tool enabling those in possession of materials and waste to declare their current and forecast stock per geographical site.
The declarations are directly input on-line and transmitted to Andra via the internet. The information collected is analysed and put together with various other data sources available to Andra. All the information is then reproduced in three catalogues:


  1. The geographical inventory gives a regional breakdown of the sites which produce, process, package and store radioactive materials and waste, operated by the producers and those in possession of the waste.
  2. The descriptive catalogue of families gives an inventory of the waste broken down into families, defined as being a group of waste with comparable characteristics, in particular with respect to packaging criteria.
  3. The summary report which gives an overview of quantities and anticipated scenarios per economic sector.



The National Radioactive Materials and Waste Management Plan

The June 2006 Planning Act stipulates that a national radioactive materials and waste management plan should:

  • Describe the existing methods for managing radioactive materials and waste,
  • Identify the foreseeable needs for storage or disposal facilities,
  • Specify the necessary capacity for these facilities and the storage periods and, concerning radioactive waste for which there is not yet any final management method, determine the objectives to be achieved.


Rigorous, detailed work is therefore carried out, based on all the information compiled in the National Inventory. This consists in identifying and describing the safe management solutions available for each family of radioactive materials and waste.
The availability time-frame of these solutions, in particular with regard to treatment and disposal capacity, makes this plan a forward-looking management tool.
For waste as yet with no identified solution, research programmes are defined, with an indication of the expected results and the corresponding time-frames.
In this way, no radioactive material or waste can remain without a solution, either one that already exists or one that has a clearly identified time-frame.



Andra Disposal Solutions

  • Andra has developed a remotedeclaration system for materials and waste. Those in possession of this material or waste can enter their declarations directly.
  • After verification of the information declared, the data are checked, compiled and analysed. They are then input into the National Inventory of radioactive materials and waste, which can then be published and distributed.
  • On the basis of the data in the National Inventory, a National Management Plan is drawn up, in conjunction with the various stakeholders. The aim is to verify the current or future availability of safe management solutions. The National Management Plan is also published and distributed.



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National inventory
The National Inventory gives the origin of the radioactive materials and waste according to a breakdown into 5 economic sectors leading to the production, possession or handling of
radioactive waste:
1. The nuclear power generating sector: the nuclear power plants, the front-end fuel cycle plants (ore extraction and processing, conversion, enrichment and fuel fabrication), and the spent fuel processing plants;
2. The Defence sector: activities linked to the deterrent force and nuclear propulsion of certain ships, including various research activities;
3. The Research sector: civil nuclear research activities;
4. The Industrial sector other than power generation: in particular the extraction of rare earths, the manufacture and use of sealed sources;
5. The Medical sector: therapeutic, medical diagnosis and medical research activities.

Standard compacted waste container
Standard compacted waste container
Remote-declaration system for radioactive materials and waste
Remote-declaration system for radioactive materials and waste



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