Legal framework

There are several decrees and ministerial orders concerning Andra installations licensing:

  • Decree for entering the post-closure monitoring phase (10 January 2003) of the CSM waste disposal facility (surface repository located in the Manche district),
  • Licensing of the CSFMA waste disposal facility (surface repository for short-lived low-and intermediate-level waste located in the Aube district) by Ministerial letter of 24 December 1991 and definitive operating license on 2 September 1999,
  • Licensing of the very-low-level waste disposal facility, located also in the Aube District (Authorization order signed by the Aube Prefect on 26 June 2003, this installation being classified on environment protection grounds ICPE),
  • Decree of 3 August 1999 authorising Andra to create and operate, until December 31 2006 at Bure (Meuse district), an underground laboratory in order to study the deep geological disposal of high-level and long-lived intermediate-level radioactive waste. This Decree was modified by the Decree of December 23 2006 which extended the underground laboratory operation license until December 31 2011.


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