Low and intermediate-level short-lived waste

Regarding the CSM waste disposal facility (located in the Manche district near the AREVA La Hague reprocessing facility), now in the post-closure monitoring phase, ASN asked Andra to begin to look at the future of its cap. This should be the subject of a report into the benefits to be gained from installing a new and more durable cap, to be submitted no later than 2009. Is must be reminded that the inventory of this disposal facility, which was operated without the nowadays quality assurance procedures, is not so-well known and that it includes some long-lived radio-elements, which means an at least 500-year monitoring period longer than the 300-year institutional period (conclusion of the so-called Turpin commission report issued July 1996)
Télécharger le document pdf report available in French on Andra website (PDF - 10.09 Mo)


Short-lived intermediate- and low-level waste includes certain categories which have characteristics making them unsuitable for acceptance at the CSFMA waste disposal facility (located in the Aube district). This comment includes tritiated waste, mainly originating from National Defence activities, and such waste are stored at the Valduc CEA facility for the time being. Tritium is a very mobile radioelement and therefore difficult to confine. It appears that this type of waste, even conditioned in specifically designed containers, cannot be disposed of at the CSFMA. Solution to manage this type of waste is still under study. The 2006 Planning Act on the sustainable management of radioactive materials and waste (Act 2006-739 of 28 June 2006) requires development by 2008 of a storage concept allowing a reduction of their radioactivity before any surface or shallow-depth (subsurface) disposal.


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