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La Turquie met en place actuellement un programme de développement nucléaire. Dans cette logique, le ministère turc de l'énergie a organisé le déplacement d'une délégation de journalistes turques en France.


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The new Chairman of the Board of Andra and the geoscientific data acquisition and management system are the headers of this sixteenth edition of the Andra International newsletter.
Also in this newsletter, read how to reduce and manage hydrogen release in Cigéo and a subject on the continuous improvements at the Centre de l'Aube.

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Andra's new Governing Board met for the first time on 6 November. Its members proposed Christophe Bouillon, French parliamentary member for Seine-Maritime, as Chairman of the Board.

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Where are we?


Where are we?

1 Andra Head Office

2 Manche disposal facility

3a Disposal facility CSA

3b Disposal facility Cires

4 Meuse/Haute-Marne Center



Dossier 2005


The In the framework of the mission entrusted upon Andra by the 30 December 1991 waste act, the Agency presented in 2005 a report on the feasibility of a repository for high-level and long-lived radioactive waste in a deep geological formation.
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