Modelling Sequential Biosphere Systems
under Climate Change for Radioactive Waste Disposal

  A project within the European Commission
5th Euratom Framework Programme
Contract FIKW-CT-2000-00024s

The BIOCLIM project was launched in October 2000 for a three-year period. The project has aimed at providing a scientific basis and practical methodology for assessing the possible long term impacts on the safety of radioactive waste repositories in deep formations due to climate and environmental change. Conclusions from the project have been delivered to the public during the Final Joint BioMoSA-BIOCLIM projects meeting hold in November 2003 in Luxembourg. BIOCLIM results are public-access. Public should be aware that BIOCLIM material is working material.

The project is coordinated by :

  • Agence nationale pour la gestion des déchets radioactifs, Andra, France

Mise à jour le 02/05/05